Nursing students from rural villages in India show folks in America how they use GumCha.

Young Women Show the Way: You would think it would be simple. I mean a GumCha is just a piece of cloth, right? But the definition of a thing is not just what is made of, but how it is used. And when something is used in as many ways as GumCha are, there could be challenges. It turns out that introducing GumCha to North America and Europe is not so simple. Basically, though they have been a staple to millions of people in southcentral Asia for millennia, people in the West don’t know about GumCha.

Our G4H team of young women in Rampurhat suggested that we give the problem to the very people who use GumCha every day and ask them to illustrate how GumCha is used. So, we explained the problem to a classroom of young women in the nursing school that this project supports. They all agreed to help and you can see for yourself that it turned out great.

You can see the result at:

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