For the 2nd year in a row, we are very pleased to participate in

The St. Francis of Assisi Church Fair Trade & Alternative Gifts Market

We are very happy to celebrate and actively support a system that insures fair wages and equity for all while restricting child labor practices and any form of slavery or servitude. Fair Trade protects the dignity of whole families by insuring that they can provide for themselves and their communities and that children can go to school instead of work. It also insures sustainable agricultural practices which protect our Earth. The GumCha4Health Project triples the income of artisan weavers while supporting public health programs that have been operating in the rural areas of West Bengal India since the 1970’s on a self-sufficient self-sustaining basis.

GumCha — 100% cotton, handloomed by rural farming families in West Bengal, India.

A GumCha is more than a scarf, towel, air conditioner or shawl.  A handwoven GumCha has been a traditional gift in India’s rural communities since Buddha walked the trails leading through the service area of the GumCha4Health Project.  There’s a special — somehow ancient — feeling when you drape a friend’s neck with a GumCha and say a few words of well wishes.  It’s fun to give someone a GumCha, a “blessing in cotton,” and we think people everywhere will find it a fine and useful gift.

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The Fair Trade & Alternative Gifts Market staff will run a curbside, drive-up, socially distanced, pickup event for all your orders (on the weekends of Nov 21 and Dec 5) at St. Francis.


This will help lower shipping costs and increase the funds provided to our program. Thanks for your help and support.

Just $20 each
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Just $20 each
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What is a GumCha?

GumCha — the original cotton scarf, towel, hat, skirt and air conditioner, woven by rural farming families in West Bengal, India for thousands of years.

GumCha — 100% cotton. GumCha are about 60“-68“ long and from 25“-28“ wide, yet weigh less than 4 ounces. There are tens of thousands of distinct patterns and color combinations, and because they are handloomed, each is unique.

Just $20 each
Shipping is FREE


Just $20 each
Shipping is FREE


The GumCha Catalog - Unique Designs - Fast Shipping

GumCha — spanning Centuries and Cultures.

GumCha — with a history extending over 2 millennia and a geographical range spanning ancient Mesopotamia to modern Cambodia, GumCha are known by many different names and spellings: Gamchha, Gamucha, Gamosa, Dismal, and Krama. In Bengal where our GumCha are made, we use the closest English phonetic spelling.


A GumCha is the most simple and humble piece of cotton cloth. It has been woven by farming families across South Asia for thousands of years.

Weavers make GumCha for people who work hard, who are in the sun and cold, who need something to wash with, to dry with, to wipe away the sweat of the day. A GumCha is a valuable tool. In the rural areas of West Bengal where this project is located, working people spend a whole day’s wage for a GumCha.


“I got my GumChas today and I LOVE them!!  The patterns, colors, and weight are perfect!!  Please thank the weavers for me and let them know how much they are appreciated.”
– CB, Atlanta, Georgia

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If you buy 2 or more GumCha from our catalog, we will send you one complementary GumCha as a gift.  (We'll pick out a great design from the many we have in stock) Shipping is free (our standard shipping is through USPS and takes between 5 and 7 days), sales tax included, and your order will be much appreciated right now.

As an added bonus, each GumCha in your order will be accompanied by a card-sized 4-page brochure that introduces GumCha, the weavers, and the public health programs that the project supports.  This is great for giving GumCha as a gift.

Please beware – giving GumCha to friends and loved ones is a pleasantly habit-forming experience.
Thank you for your support.

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