Meet the Designer/Weavers

Every time she loads her handloom the weaver chooses the colors, the patterns and creates a unique design.

Our area has been the acknowledged home of master weavers since at least the 3rd century BC.

Weaving and selling the GumCha is an essential element of the subsistence farming economies of our area, and, for generations has been the source of income needed to make ends meet for farm families.

The GumCha Story – a 2000 year evolution in design – an inspiration in function

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Each family of Weavers, throughout the generations of creating this simple cloth on a traditional handloom, has refined their designs to reflect their creativity.  Now, thousands of highly sophisticated, elegant and colorful patterns can be found in the villages and towns of our rural area. GumCha are locally made, locally sold and used by working people in agricultural communities.

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Check Out Our Gallery of Design Motifs from the thousands of original patterns and color combinations created by Master weavers/designers in our area.


A GumCha is the traditional gift for guests in India’s rural areas, and has been since Buddha walked the trails leading through the service area of this project. 

It is fun to give someone a GumCha.

We think many people in North America and Europe will find it a fine and useful gift.


A GumCha is the most simple and humble piece of cotton cloth.  It has been woven by farming families across South Asia for thousands of years.

Even today, a GumCha is handmade of pure cotton … and each one is the same useful size they have always been.


Weavers make GumCha for people who work hard, who are in the sun and cold, who need something to wash with, to dry with, to wipe away the sweat of the day.

A GumCha is a valuable tool.  In the rural areas of West Bengal where this project is located, working people spend a whole day’s wage for a GumCha.


Check Out the Many Ways to Wear GumCha


Active people in the West will want to have a GumCha.  People who run, swim, bike, walk, hike or work in the garden will want one (or 3).

Folks that work out in a gym, do yoga, get wet, get cold or get hot need one (or 3).  People who support Subsistence farming, Self-sufficiency, Traditional handloom weavers, Handmade artisan cottage industries, Fair trade, Women’s health in rural areas, Infant and child health, Sustainable communities, and Working people, will want one (or 3).

And, for everyone, a GumCha looks great with a jacket or sweater, jeans or a dress.


Buy GumCha for $20 ea. – shipping is free

Triple the income of traditional weavers AND support health education and better access to health services for her family and community.

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GumCha4Health – a program that triples the income of weavers while lowering costs and improving working conditions for subsistence farming families.

Our goals for weavers

  1. GumCha4Health, LLC does not buy GumCha through middlemen, but works directly with the weavers to negotiate a price that essentially doubles the income from weaving GumCha, more than acceptable to the weavers.  
  2. Then, by constructing a system of lump sum payments in the form of production bonuses and incentives their income will increase again, ultimately tripling it. 
  3. For example, after weaving 500 GumCha, weavers will receive 5,000 rupees, plus a dependable, efficient and effective lighting system that will replace the unglazed incandescent bulbs currently in use – that are powered by an unreliable electrical grid – with a storage battery-powered LED system that will provide adequate work lights and reading lights for their children.
  4. The program is committed to continuously increase the income of weavers by lowering their cost of dyed cotton, as well as increasing the price we pay for weaving GumCha.  Over the next few years, weaving GumCha will become the best and most reliable source of income for the current generation of artisan farmers and, hopefully, the generations that follow.

GumCha4Health, LLC is a social business designed to provide a self-sustaining funding source to support programs for:

1. Community-based healthcare and health education for poor rural farm laborers, subsistence farmers, their families and their communities.
2. The development of the rural farm economy in our service area by tripling the income of subsistence farmer/weavers for weaving GumCha.
3. Projects that address the health issues of the rural poor, and the economic and educational needs of agriculturally based communities.
4. The creation of a dependable international market for a unique, useful, handmade product, by introducing GumCha to the Americas and Europe.

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How To Use a GumCha

Brought to you by the students of the nursing schools this project will support.